I love working with, and connecting to, the angels.

Forming a strong bond with your angels is one of the greatest blessings you can receive!

Today, only for Black Friday, I’m opening registration for my Connecting With Your Angels online course – with a discount of over $100!

I’ve archived this course and had it in the vault, but for the next few hours, I’m giving you the opportunity to join.

Once the counter reaches zero, this offer will disappear, and this class will NEVER be available for registration again.

Now let me explain…

This is a great course! It has 37 video lessons that share 7+ hours of guidance, insights, and spiritual techniques to form a deep connection with your angels.

So why hasn’t it been available since August 2018?

Well, honestly, there have been some big changes in our spiritual community over the last couple of years. And, in this class, I mentioned someone I used to work closely with but has since changed their path. I didn’t want that to overshadow the love your angels wish to send you.

Also, I speak about my Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, which have been a little trickier to get recently – but the lessons could apply to any oracle deck!


Learn to listen to your angelic guidance and live the life of your dreams. Meet your Guardian Angels, discover how they send you signs and uncover ways to receive powerful insights, guidance, and intuitive messages. You have angels with you right now, and they have wisdom they wish to share with you.

You can connect with your angels! After teaching these methods to hundreds of people, I’ve learnt that everyone can communicate with their angels once they discover how.

Let me help you awaken your spiritual gifts.

  • Discover who the angels are and also learn who they are not
  • Understand why angels were created and their Divine purpose
  • Learn about the 3 main types of angels and connect with each of them
  • Meet your Guardian Angels and receive a powerful message from them
  • Learn the different ways that your angels can send you signs
  • Discover ways to make the connection to your angels clearer and stronger
  • Learn how to get answers to questions you ask your angels
  • Understand how to use oracle cards
  • Practice automatic writing to gain insights from your angels
  • Find out how your angels are communicating with you


Connect with your angels!
BLACK Friday Special!
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