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You might find it helpful to save your login details so that you don’t have to enter them into the website every time. Rather than needing to search for an old email, or memorising passwords, you can make your devices do the work for you!

These days most internet browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and devices (iPhone, Android, etc.) have methods to store your login details securely. Below are a couple of our favourites and most common choices, but you can always search for “password management for (insert device name)” if yours isn’t listed below.

If you use iPhone, iPad, or Mac take a look here >

And if you use Google Chrome for your web browsing look here >

Now, quick disclaimer, saving your passwords is at your own risk, and while we’ve always found it to be very secure and safe, if you leave your device unlocked, or share it with others, they may gain access to your passwords too. So, by saving your passwords, you are doing so at your own risk.

If the video is stopping and starting or buffering constantly, it may mean that your internet speed is a little too slow for that video right now.

Here are a few tips you can try:

  • Click the settings cog in the bottom right of the video and choose a different playback quality. Selecting a lower resolution like 720p or 540p will allow the video to load faster.
  • Try a different device (laptop, iPad, tablet, mobile, etc.) to see if the issue persists.
  • If you continue to have trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact us