Setting Your Intentions for 2021

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Let’s make 2021 a positive year of healing and regeneration!

What you'll learn in the course

How to work with angelic tools to help manifest your dreams
How to set clear intentions for the year ahead
Discover a crystal that will support you this year
Set clear intentions for health, love, your purpose, career, abundance, and spirituality
Why resolutions don’t work
Understand the energy of 2021 and the main theme that this year brings
Learn what flowers are best to help you reach your goals in 2021

Lesson Overview

The Setting Your Intentions for 2021 Class includes five powerful lessons delivering insightful ways to make this year the best it can be.

Lesson 1

Choosing a positive outlook

It’s a fresh New Year with a fresh new energy – thank goodness! In this lesson we’ll look at the importance of letting go of the intense energy of 2020 and choosing a more positive outlook. Just because the last few days, weeks, or months were challenging doesn’t mean we have to bring that into the days ahead.

Lesson 2

Healing and Rebuilding with spiritual tools

Discover powerful spiritual tools and techniques that will help us this year. I’ll share the crystal the angels say will help us to heal through 2021, as well as the best flowers to work with during the year ahead. You’ll feel motivated and inspired during this lesson!

Lesson 3

Angelic Support

The angels are always with us, and this year there are three key Archangels that will support us throughout 2021. You’ll also be guided through a powerful healing meditation that will release any of the heavy energy of 2020 and attract all the good you deserve this year.

Lesson 4

Setting your intentions for 2021

In this lesson, I’ll guide you through making powerful intentions for all the major areas of your life. By setting your intentions have direction and know with each action if you are moving closer to your dreams, or if you need to realign.

Lesson 5

Looking forward

Just because the past may have been difficult or painful doesn’t mean that the future has to carry on with that same pattern. Learn to look toward to future with a brighter perspective and allow the angels to support you each day.

inside the class

Watch motivational videos and listen to uplifting audio MP3s that will guide you to make inspired actions this year
Discover how to set clear intentions for all major areas of your life
You’ll learn the spiritual tools the angels are guiding us to work with this year
Work with angelic tools and set your intentions to make 2021 the best year possible!
Lifetime access so you can access the course as many times as you like, whenever you feel guided.
Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home – or anywhere with an internet connetion!
Enjoy your course on any device – computer, tablet, or even your phone!
Gain access to the exclusive members-only Facebook group for The Academy of Spiritual Development
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The Setting Your Intentions for 2021 Class is filled with my heart and soul. So, I happily offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee in case my style of teaching just isn’t your cup of herbal tea.